Cash Savings Apps

Throughout the year I love to use different apps to earn gift cards. I generally save and redeem for birthday presents or a lump sum to use towards Christmas. I have tried many through the years and these are the ones that I highly recommend!

Get Upside

This app is used for gas although I recently saw that they have added restaurants to it. When you first start with a referral you will get up to 15 cents per gallon back on your first purchase (that can really add up!) and then you continue to earn each time you fill up!

Receipt Hog

This is one of the first ones I ever started using and still use to this day! Once a week I scan all of my receipts in the app and earn points. You use the points to redeem for an Amazon gift card, Visa gift card, or Paypal. I have done both Amazon and Paypal in the past and each time I have received my rewards super quick!

Receipt Pal

After scanning all my receipts into Receipt Hog, I hop over to this one! Scan them here as well to earn points. This one will only payout with an Amazon gift card!


I then take that same stack of receipts over to Fetch and scan! You can redeem your points from a selection of a lot of different gift cards!


This one is for those that wear a smartwatch. This will give you points for activity, sleep, etc! Set it up once and you are done! I redeem about every 6 weeks on this. On this app, you can choose to redeem for a gift card or donate to charity.