How to help a teacher!

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Do you spend money on others for your job? If so, how much?

This is something that teachers do every single year. Did you know the average teacher spends $511 out of pocket for their students even though 85% of Americans believe teachers should not spend any money out of pocket! (read more here).  Talk about a big chunk, an expense that my husband and I are very familiar with.


I taught VIP kids for a few years and had to create, decorate, and supply my own classroom…and let me tell you the costs really do add up! While I did my best to hit up Dollar Tree, Target $1 spot and Amazon I still spent way over $100 in the first week buying décor and props to help the kids learn better. 


My husband is a high school math teacher, so while he does not need to buy props for the kids, he focuses on grabbing extra pencils, paper, dry erase markers, erasers, notebooks, etc to help the kids that need it. To decorate his classroom he chose a very affordable way. After reaching out to several schools, he was able to collect over 300 college pennants from around the US to help cultivate a culture that college is possible for these kids. On the first day he passes out index cards each year and has the kids write one word that will lead them for the school year on them…he gets this from Jon Gordon.  He will then add the words around the pennants, a constant motivator for the kids. This really made an impact on helping kids know that college was achievable for them and all the different options out there!


One wall, the kids word goes on white board


If you are a teacher, I hope I let you know you are not alone in theses costs and these gave you a few ideas and places to save money. If you know a teacher, here are two ways to help ease the burden for them. First nominate them for the Great Teacher Giveback and second grab an item from here….this is a list compiled from all the teachers in my group of the top requested items over and over!  Any teacher will thank you in a heartbeat!


Good luck to all in the 2021 school year!