KidPik Review for the Boys

Do you have boys? This KidPik review is for you!

Have you heard of Kidpik yet?  If not, it’s a subscription box for the kiddos!  Chances are if you have boys as I do, they do not like to go shopping, especially clothes shopping. So a few months back we decided to try this service out.  We hopped online and created a profile of colors, patterns, styles, and sizes for my youngest!

In the first box we received back before Christmas, we only kept the sunglasses and one shirt.  The costs were straight forward and the return of the other items was super easy.  Since there are no styling fees and it is risk-free, we made notes in our account and decided to give them another try.

Yesterday, my youngest got his latest KidPik box and he was so excited!! It was like a mini Christmas for him (it even comes wrapped like a gift)!! What I was not expecting was for my oldest to be bummed he did not get one!

With this KidPik box, Camden got a camo hat, shoes, jeans, joggers, long sleeve shirt, polo, and zip-up jacket.  My two boys ended up fighting over the hat and zip up, who would have thought?! With everything Cam got he can make six different outfits!!  This is one of the benefits of KidPik that I love, all outfits are designed to be coordinated together!

One thing we were disappointed about is that we did get a pair of jeans. I thought I had left notes that my kids did not wear jeans, but I must have been mistaken on this.  While my kids do not like wearing jeans, I would highly recommend the ones they sent.  The band is elastic to help fit the skinnier kiddos and the denim has a soft and flexible feel.  With the fabric not feeling stiff I was able to at least get Cam to try them on! That’s a win for this momma!

The best part about these boxes is there is no styling fee, unlike other subscription services out there. You can choose as many or as few items that you would like to keep. You can even send the whole box back and not be charged! If you choose all the items you get a discount! Don’t want all the items but still want the discount, you can choose to send the item back and they will donate it for you, how cool is that?

Due to the risk-free nature, this is a great box for my kiddo! If you would love to try one yourself you can grab one using BYB30 to snag 30 off 60 or more clothes!
Hope you love it as well!

XoXo, Becky


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