Laundry Stripping

So I saw this trend on Tik Tok (I know, I know it has been around for awhile now) but I knew I had to try it.  I was sick of my workout clothes having that “smell” so I figured this was worth a try before I got rid of them. Boy was I in for a surprise!  I knew that my workout clothes would probably be gross, but I was not expecting the results from my kiddos blankets that had been washed a day or two prior!

Let’s just say I am in the process of doing all the fabrics in my house now!! To do this you need only 3 products, all of which I found on Amazon and the process is really simple!

Needed items:  1 cup of Tide detergent powder. The powder is important, I had tried with my normal liquid detergent and did not get the same results! ½ cup Borax and ½ cup laundry booster.

Step 1:  Fill your bathtub with hot water and pour the ingredients in.

Step 2: Drop your clothes/blankets/towels in

Step 3: Move them/stir them around every 30 minutes for 4-6 hours.  I must admit I let mine soak that whole time but was not diligent about the stirring!

Step 4: After soaking in the tub run them in the washing machine like a normal load!


There you have it, a simple, easy, affordable way to save your clothes!