Legoland Halloween


A little less than a year ago we took our boys to Legoland.  We thought we would go once BUT between the hub’s free pass for being a teacher (insert link), adding in the water park and parking it became about $20 more to upgrade to an annual pass…total!! WIN!  So we jumped on that and have been a few times, but this time we made sure to pop up there for Halloween…I knew it would be cool, but it surpassed my expectations.  There are so many little details to pay attention to!

Right away when we walked in we noticed all the cute details such as this ghost (pic right below).  Some are more obvious than others so keep your eyes peeled! We quickly stumbled on the Lego pumpkin (other pic next to ghost) by Lego Duplo and the kids hopped right behind to take a picture ( a rarity for them!)

We then headed to the Ninjago area to do a few of our favorite things there when we came across the table for the scavenger hunt.  Let me tell you my kiddos LOVE scavenger hunts ever since Blues Clues years ago!! We grabbed the sheet, found the clues and turned it back in. It was a fun addition to our day! The guy there was also super nice and helped us find the 5 places the kids could trick or treat.  Each station was set up with bags for ones that did not bring one and let me tell you…they did not skimp on candy!  My kiddos got handfuls!! Between the 5 stations they may have gotten more than on Halloween night!

If you are wondering about the water park in October, it was perfect!! It was much less crowded than normal, the sun was out and the water was heated! That is a triple win for this momma!  We are super excited to head back at Christmas and see how well they do it!