Sandals: To splurge or save?

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As Spring and summer approach if you are like me you are feeling the urge for new sandals! I have had my eye on a few classics that I have been saving for, but also need some more affordable options. After all isn’t the goal to be trendy without breaking the bank? So I rounded up the top trending sandals for the summer with splurge and save options for you to choose!

First up is the infamous Millers I have been dreaming about for a few years now. This one is bound to not go out of style anytime soon! While the price tag is hefty on this one, you can find lots of look-a-likes these days that are much more affordable. This pair is a dead ringer for over $200 off the retail price!


Another classic is the Birkenstock. This shoe has been around for as long as I can remember. Known for their comfort and durability, if you choose to splurge it will last you for a few seasons! If it is just the look you like, you can grab cheaper here with the same great look!

The next one was an unexpected find! UGGs! Ill be honest I didn’t realize UGG made sandals for the longest time, but if they are anything like the boot, they may be worth the splurge in comfort!! These sandals look like a classic you can use to dress up or play casual with jean shorts! I’m not a fan of the white detail on the UGGs, so I would save the money and grab this adorable pair for more then half off!

Last but not least, are the Steve Madden shoes I have been eyeing for quite some time! If you choose to splurge on this one, make sure to check stores such as DSW that will often run promotions on them! If you are ready to grab now, you can snag off-brand ones that are similar here

Here are 4 of the trending sandals for the summer, now you get to decide which ones you will splurge or save on!   Leave me a comment and let me know!




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