That picture is shocking isn’t it?

For The Home Shocking

When we first moved to Florida we stayed in my in-laws house while we were looking for a place to make our home. After a few months, after looking at 40 houses and putting in a few offers that we were outbid on I found this gem.

By the time I found this house we were beyond frustrated and stressed from the process.  Adam could not take off of work so I met our realtor and we looked at a few more.  When we pulled on to the street I knew this would be our house, the same feeling I had in Tennessee when we found our home there. When we walked in I knew it even more.  I could see the vision for how we would transform the house and truly make it our own. I called Adam and he said put an offer in. I did on the spot to find out they already had an offer and had accepted it. I went to my car and cried. Something about this place I knew was our home.

Later that day our realtor calls and tells us to put in an offer as a backup and so we did. I brought Adam by the house to show him beaming with excitement and he walked in.  Drop before pic

I begin to tell him my vision of taking down the wall and how his dad and I would work to design everything, thank goodness he trusts us…he could not see the vision at all!

Fast forward through all the demo, remodeling and decorating and I am happy to say we have created a beautiful home and my gut reaction driving down the street was spot on!  We are surrounded by amazing neighbors who have become family to us, and that is pretty fantastic itself.

Be sure to check out future blogs to see how we redid areas of our home.