Top 10 Buys of the Week

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Top 10 of the week:

This week retail therapy was especially amazing!! From every day basics being half off or more to designer items, there was something for everyone! Check out the Best of the Best below!

  1. This top offer has been going strong!  We personally have this in the husband’s truck and have been rocking out to the 90s station! We are definitely going to keep it after the trial is over, but I love that you do not have to worry about canceling as no credit card is needed for sign up!
  2. Coach has had an incredible promo the last few days! So many items belong on this list but I will just focus on the wristlets! They make the best gifts, especially for teachers!  (think end of year or Teacher Appreciation Day May 3rd) Use FRIENDS15 to score extra off!
  3. Another top retailer this week was Kohls! They are still running their Epic deals where you can snag Big One pillows as low as $3 and so much more!!
  4. It is a no wonder these were a top seller! To be able to snag 2 under 5 is incredible! These help your hair dry quicker while keeping the weight of a full towel off your head!
  5. With numerous comments pouring in on what an amazing product this is, of course it made the top 10!  It is still half off!!
  6. Sun Bum! If you are familiar it should be no shock this would make the list while on promo!! Snag BOGO 40 perc off!!
  7. Beachly! This was a newer box to me and got delivered this week! I did a full review on my stories but it is amazing! You can still use CACTUS50 for half off your first box!
  8. These rings are perfect for when you go on vacation or wanting to try a new style! So many own and rave about them!
  9. These sheets have over 122k positive reviews! You know you are snagging quality with these!
  10. Bonus one! This was not posted in the Facebook group but after trying my first pair this weekend and falling in love I had to share! Quay is BOGO!! If you have a small head like me (yes I can wear kids hats!) You will want to get the High Key mini like me!

All of these items can be found in my Facebook group or under the Daily deals tab!