Top 10 Sellers this Week!

These are the top sellers in no particular order from last week! How many did you get?

  1. Baby Yoda lights as a bonus they even come with their own smart plug!
  2. This dough bowl is a perfect addition to any farmhouse table!
  3. Lancome cream. The cream itself is very silky and light weight. First thing in the morning when I put it on I can tell my skin brightens immediately, the dullness is gone!
  4. This cart is perfect for the office, kitchen, classroom, bathroom, etc!!
  5. With National Keto day being this past week, tons scooped up this yummy snack set
  6. Cast Iron Dutch Ovens hardly ever go this low!! This week tons took even more off when they used  CASTIRON at checkout.
  7. Who doesn’t need a great deal on Batiste dry shampoo
  8. Reusable bags are a great way to save money in the long run!
  9. Any shoe from Jenn Ardor is always a top seller, but this week these were the ones to top the charts!
  10. Lastly, lots of people grabbed this humidifier for their office!

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