Our Adventures

It all started a few months ago when I got this idea on a run (the good ones tend to happen that way!).  When Adam and I were first married and living in Indianapolis we took a lot of little weekends away to Nashville, St Louis, Pittsburgh etc. Then we moved to Tennessee and those weekends were again Nashville (I love that city) as well as Chattnooga and Gatlinburg but then we moved to Florida. That first year was about remodeling our house settling into a new state and following the kiddos activities! So on this run, I decided that we needed to get back to traveling.  We have gotten back to traveling and I want to share our adventures with you and what it means to our family.

The Keys

Key West
While living in Florida we have heard a lot about the Key West Express and how convenient it is to take to Key West. But once we knew Adam’s parents could pick up our kiddos from school we knew we had to make the drive and soak in the time alone as it was the […]

Legoland Halloween

A little less than a year ago we took our boys to Legoland.  We thought we would go once BUT between the hub’s free pass for being a teacher (insert link), adding in the water park and parking it became about $20 more to upgrade to an annual pass…total!! WIN!  So we jumped on that […]